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From the tuft of his tail, to his ears facing skyward, White was bright eyed and bushy tailed for the coming days. The months had been tiresome and the hours hard and laborious, but he was looking forward to some peace and relaxation time within his home, welcoming in company from all walks of life. Roll on Autumn, and the little work it brings.

peterwecanfly asked: Wendy smiled as White directed her eyes towards his. There was something about him that was so calming, and helping to her situations. "I-" she sniffled "I guess you're right." Then Wendy remembered Peter's puberty hit, "A curse was bestowed upon him and he's now going through, what's it called?" Her eyes flashed back to his, "Oh! Puberty, I heard that makes people grow up very fast."

White choked a little, as his eyes widened at the girl’s jubilant reasoning as to why Peter was acting a certain way. “I uhrmn, possibly?” This wasn’t one of the discussions White would take pleasure in getting involved with, and if he had to educate the girl on sexual attraction, mood swings, ‘puberty’ as she put it and…God forbid, ‘love-making’; the notion of educating the girl on such matters made the little fellow quite woozy.

peterwecanfly asked: Wendy sighed. Knowing everything White had said was completely true. Her eyes moved from the flower, which had started losing it's pedals in the rushing wind that seemed to be picking up, and glanced at him. "But White, i'd already confronted him. He flies away, not wanting to re-hatch the situation." Wendy could feel her head spinning and her breathing heaving. She knew the waterworks are coming, but Wendy had a special talent of holding them back, for, venerability isn't the key to anything.

He listened to her inquisitively, nodding every so often to assure her he was attentive. Eyes a little glazed and fixated on the horizon, he spoke his little words of wisdom and interest “Love sought is good…” White turned to look her in the eyes and placed both of his small paws around one of hers “But given unsought is better. If he notices he doesn’t have to work to gain your attention, then he won’t…but if he feels he’s losing something well then…you understand, don’t you my child? Also” Wendy brought her eyes from the ground “You can break down in tears in front  of me, my dear, and I won’t say a word or judge you. They just prove you’re human” White grinned, hoping he had helped her…at least…somewhat.

peterwecanfly asked: Wendy walked around the rabbit and sighed terribly. "Oh White I just don't know." She sat on a nearby rock and placed her hand ever so gently under her chin. Her eyes caught a nearby flower which stood tall, it's light purple pedals waving at her in the wind. "Peter says i'm his 'special person'" Her fingers went into automatic air quotations. "What does that mean? Am I his girlfriend? Will I ever be more than his special person? Will he EVER want to grow up?" Her words were non stop, she looked

(cont.) at White, hoping he hadn’t minded her very inappropriate ramble.       

White sat beside her and listened to each and every word that rushed from her overflowing mind. For such a quiet and optimistic girl, she certainly did seem troubled. There was little around, aside from himself, Wendy and the occasional dragonfly gracing their company to a backdrop of lush greenery amidst an almost never-ending woodland. This gave him the comfort of knowing his words could only be heard by her, and that he need not worry about his soft, and perhaps weaker, side showing. “My dear, sweet child, all I can reccommend you do is sit him down and talk to the boy straight, otherwise the answer will elude you for…well, however long it may. I can assure you, one day when he sets his eyes on that which is important to him, he will realise that it is important to grow, otherwise…that special something might pass him by” His words were perhaps a little too profound for the occasion, but those words were, at least so he thought, from the heart and experience.

youre-cute-when-you-care-deacti asked: Bo squeals with excitement. "Welcome back!! I've missed you!!!"

White smiled warmly “I have missed you too my dear, very much so” He held the petite woman in a tight, tender embrace. “How have you been, my sweet? How very thankful I am that my dear queen has not found you as of yet or made you paint her roses…or smoke any monsters out of buildings my goodness…” The rabbit’s mind wandered.

peterwecanfly asked: "Oh Rabbit you have been missed dearly!" Wendy's voice struggled into a wondrous world of questions, "Where have you been? Did you seek adventure? Did you gain adventure? Why are you white? Have you always been white? Why don't you wear pants?"

White didn’t quite know where to start first…particularly with her last question of choice, my word. “I have…”, the rabbit swallowed deeply as his glazed eyes trailed behind the girl, “…been in a bad way, though it should be none of your concern I assure you!” He shook away his melancholy expression and a humble smile appeared on his features. “How have you been, my dear?”



“W-wait…uh-uhrmn, Peter my boy? D-Did you mean paint a portrait or literally cover me in paint…depending on what your response is, I may need to reconsider my consent…”

“Paint you of course! Why would I paint a picture when I could just paint you? I was thinking blue so we could have someone a little less boring be blue. Cause you’re more fun than Hades.” 

White stumbled back and shuffled away from his proposal and menacing grin. “I’d rather not, though I commend you for the offer…I’d uh…wait…Peter…how would you fancy painting the rabbit red?”

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"W-wait…uh-uhrmn, Peter my boy? D-Did you mean paint a portrait or literally cover me in paint…depending on what your response is, I may need to reconsider my consent…”

pixiedustpan-deactivated2012112 asked: Can I paint you?

I uhrmn…of course you can! It’s just…no one has ever asked such a lovely thing before I-…thank you! Allow me to correct my posture, shine my trumpet and pose for you!